The Kansei Karate School at the Celtic Way Community Centre

kansei karate


Karate is practised by millions of people daily of all sexes and age groups because it is enjoyable to learn (with the right instructor), and is good for the mind, body and spirit whilst learning a self-defence.

Our Mission Statement is to promote the sound physical and mental development of its members through the study of ‘Karate’.

Kansei Karate provides an opportunity for students and athletes to train in Karate and to participate in any level of competition appropriate to their age, skill, ability and interest.

This will range from friendly local tournaments, to regional and national championships.

Kansai Karate has always provided a situation in which both men and women of diverse racial, ethnic, political and Socio-economic backgrounds can work together toward mutual tolerance and respect.

Kansei Karate provides a unique opportunity for true students and athletes to make the most of their experience in terms of learning, fellowship and hard work.

The Kansei Karate Classes, held every Wednesday from 5 pm at the Celtic Way Community Centre, are well experienced in this field and you are invited to join them.

Doubt that it's for you? Then come along to a class, take a seat and watch what goes on.

For further information please telephone us on 0791 742 0180