Slimming World at the Celtic Way Community Centre

slimming world rhoose

Slimming World meet every Monday from 5.30 pm and is open to all.
As soon as you walk through the doors in the Celtic Way Community Centre Slimming World group,
you can be assured of a warm welcome from your Consultant and fellow members.
We are a bunch of really friendly people all at various stages in our weight loss campaign.

Before you decide whether to join, your Consultant will tell you all about Slimming World and Food Optimising.
Your ‘new member talk’ begins shortly after the groups start time, during which the other members will be getting weighed and generally chatting.
You’ll then be invited to join the other members and enjoy the session called IMAGE Therapy, It stands for Individual Motivation And Group Experience
and it is full of warmth, friendship, laughter, ideas being shared, recipes, inspirational stories and much, much more.
Along with the other new members, you will be invited to enrol and get weighed. Your weight will always remains private and confidential.

For further details please telephone us on 0796 835 5119