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Cheat and meet men Costessey

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Alot of our stall holders attractions and sponsors have kept faith in us and rolled their booking over, we do not know what will bring or how we will have to adapt but fingers crossed we will be out of this situation by then and we can look forward to meeting new and old friends in But i will do everything meh make sure that if all being well the May event will be the best to date. Every stall holder, Bands and sponsor has been fantastic. And all i can do is apologise for having to take this decision on behalf of myself as lead volunteer and the town council who support the event.

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Mr Sparks, knew very well when he was building that wall, that he had no right to build it, and these people said, "As Mr Sparkes had built Costezsey our property, we will knock the wall down" He should call witness who lived in the place a great many years, to prove that this land did not to Mr Sparkes, and he trusted the Bench would dismiss the case.

He saw James Large knocking with a pick at the north wall of the cottages.

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At this time prisoner looked, very unwell, and was asked by Supt Symonds if he felt able to undertake the journey, and offered him the option of staying at the cells until he Cosyessey better. In reply to Mr Daly, he said defendants were both in the cart when he first saw them on the high road.

I hope the pain is better, dear, and I wish I could give you a sweet kiss; or a dozen or two. Prosecutor took the dog to a horse doctor and had it opened. They were growing in a garden in plaintiff's occupation, and ans chopped them down with a spade.

Identity, place and belonging in contemporary england

Shell get home Dereham soon as I can. Witness ran indoors and gave the alarm. James Cowing said he was one of the church-wardens of Mattishall.

William High also had a pick, and was doing the same thing. They ceased to be occupied about 36 years ago, and the coal-house was built about 26 years ago. Since I have owned this property I have exercised rights over the disputed land. It may be about four feet from the new wall where I noticed the foundation. I thought I should have seen you on Tuesday morning to see me off.

I took the summons out on the 27th. Mr Chittock said the plaintiff built, Costrssey the notice not to do so; and he had no doubt that the building was on a part of the parish property. In due course defendant received an invitation to visit plaintiff at her father's house on the Sunday following.

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He was riding very fast, and complainant had some difficulty in getting out of his way. He rode past complainant and then turned the horse round and went back again.

PC Tann stated that when on duty at Mattishall, on the above date, about four o'clock in the morning, he heard a cart coming along, and saw defendants in it. On the 8th of March, however, a notice was sent to the plaintiff, ed by several inhabitant, of the parish, stating that as the plaintiff had erected a brick wall, with appendages thereto, on a piece of land four feet wide and nineteen feet long, more or less, belonging to the parishioners, without their consent, the latter desired to intimate that if this building were not taken down within seven days.

As to the reference of the title, he hoped that matter would be satisfactorily settled, and that this would end the feeling which had been exhibited in the parish. Complainant and several witnesses were then examined as anr which of the defends were present, and took part in destroying the property. Mr Henry Felthamprosecuted.

Mr Felham remarked that strychnine would not produce any irritation in the body. Several witnesses who had seen defendant riding at different points, stated that it was a young horse he was riding, and that it was fresh and prancing about the road.

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He was going down a hill at Honiugham, when his break would not act, and the bicycle was upset on going over a large stone. Though he believed he was quite able to show Mr Sparkes' title to this land, he should decline to go into the question of title in this case, as It had been laid down that the fact of a person having a possessory right was abundantly sufficient to warrant action against trespassers or wrong-doers, unless the defendants justified their action under the authority of someone who was shown to be the owner of the property.

Prisoner, however, Chezt to go to Norwich, and was accordingly sent in custody of a constable by a fast train, and a cab was procured to remove him from the station to the Castle. Did not start from the hotel until the last minute, thinking every moment you would call, but no Julia turned up.

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Shall come here on Costsesey morning. Mr Blofeld said that would be an easier matter if the parties having control of the land were the vicar and churchwardens; but in this case the parishioners' consent was to be obtained. He noticed that some of the sheep were very lame, and was therefore induced to ask the lad if he had a licence for their removal.

I should have come over on Saturday had I not received your letter. In coarse of time, the pariah cottages fell into decay, and a fence which enclosed the pariah land, when the cottages became unoccupied, also went to decay, and mrn land to all appearance got mfn one piece. Complainant said that he was walking along quietly when he was struck by the defendant suddenly with a stick, which rendered him insensible.

Moving histories of class and community

The foundation now existing there was the foundation at those and showed that the poor land extended to distant. He was 80 years of age, and had been married upwards of half a century, during the whole of which time he has lived in the same farm. Cross-examined - I do not know the mare he was riding. He had lately measured what, from his recollection, was the size of the parish land and found it to be 23 yards 4 inches in length from north to south, and 23 feet in depth from east to west.

In the cases of James Howard, Charles Osborn, and Hardy Cole, also all of Mattishall, the Magistrates granted an adjournment to obtain medical certificates for alleged illness. The marriage was to take place at Michaelmas, and Llandudno was to be the place at which they were to spend the honeymoon.

Shall I come over to Lowestoft or meet you at Norwich, and what time is your train. That was agreed to, and they went to the circus.

I am off to Yarmouth by first train in the morning until Thursday. Shepherd mne out for a week's holiday. John Whiting, building surveyor and building manager to Mr Robert Shipper, builder, Dereham, stated he superintended the work at Mr Sparkes' cottages.

My dearest Julia, - Just a word, dear, to say that I was coming down at three o'clock this afternoon, but the weather was so bad, kept on raining all the afternoon, and I thought I would come after tea, but it rained so hard had to give up coming altogether. Complainant stated between six and seven o'clock in the evening of April 22nd he was going into his yard and saw defendant riding up the road on a horse. Thomas Jerry put a ladder up against the building, which complainant took down again.

Elijah Earljumped out and came in direction of witness with a bunch of hogweed. The coal-house le 42 feet 3 inches anr 13 feet 9 inches.

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Mr Daly contended that there was legally no crime. On the 19th ult, prosecutor said he was standing by his shed door with his dog. I am so glad to hear that you recovered from your illness, and that you are quite well again; that I shall see when I come on Thursday.

If there had been a building on that spot where I saw the foundation CCostessey east to west, it would have left a passage about four feet wide between the building and my cottage. Write and let me know to the Queen's Hotel by return of post.