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Cute Aurora boy looking for the one

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Cute Aurora boy looking for the one

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This time around Erin yhe a much easier time becasue she did not go into labor. We got to the hospital around and 3 hours later Aurora was born. Here is the classic "Light from Within" photo. She was crying before she even came out. Get to work, this is a surgery here, not a fashion shoot! This is one of the early photos of Aurora after she was cleaned up from the battle.

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Aurora is luring her neighborhood friend into the woods for some falling down followed by crying.

Kissing games

Grady is packing purple for protection. Touchdown for the team playing the Bills says Rora. A nice photographer lady took this "stunning Aurra of Grady. Aurora is sitting on her own and as of Mother's Day, is crawling in small doses. They sure pack 'em on these hay rides.

Cute aurora boy looking for the one

Furthermore, he liked to say that "a Deciduous Tree loses its leaves in the Winter". Almost gotcha on that one, huh?

That compares with 12 boys and fewer than three girls the year before. Rora is close to being potty trained. Daddy built a pillow and blanket cave for the children to explore. Trying Cufe think of the adult comparison to the pure joy kids feel. This is the new 'Beverly Hills' style that Rori started. The kids' new pastime is to ride their "Machines" in the garage.

Here is Grady getting his first taste of looikng bar stool. He goes to Pre-K at the Discovery Center, which is the adult equivalent of sports bar.

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No steps yet, but she is getting more lolking. Aurora is showing off her "Jazz Hands" in the pool. The trees are flying by as the train is thundering down the track at 5 mph. This is how Rora smiles for pictures. Instead of traditional short, sharp masculine names like Jake and Tyler which have plunged in popularity, the 'soft macho' trend is seeing manly but gentle names including Hunter, Leo and Ralph all picked hundreds of times last year.

I'm so funny.

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Oh the joy. Get to work!

Aurora was a lamb for Halloween. Ate one up in 2 single gulps.

Aurora is officially walking now. For Halloween Grady was a Lion.

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A common phrase now is "Rora wake up". Guiliana Schaller is the passenger. Granda eventually submitted this to WBNG and it was on the news. Not very ugly!! As you can tell, Grady is sick and Rora is thoroughly confused Rory keeps trying to win a super Aurpra in the Smile of the Week contest. Up in Rochester Grady got more dinosaurs and left more ripped paper carnage.

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There they are "Pretty in Pink". Following her brothers footsteps for the love of the burger The next three lookjng come from Jumping Jungle Magazine cover material here if you ask me Ha ha Although this seat was just a prop. Fireman hosing down the children It a good thing because they are both kinda picky eaters.

She still has to work on it though. Go Away Boys!

Get to work, this is a surgery here, not a fashion shoot! This is what she really looks like. He loves them.

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Grady taking a nap with his sister. The first day of school!!! No hurrying down the chimney for her though. Sorry, that may be viewed by some as inappropriate. Hint: Those eyes are off camera. It was actually more like Christmas with the amount of stuff they got.

Boy on the beach. Q-T- Symbol for Noe Another chair shot. During our visit to Rochester, Grady go thang out with his cousin Gianna. Movie night!! I guess his hand is around his neck.