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Grannies wanting sex Carson City

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Contact About Breast Friends You know that nothing could relax you more and help you unwind like me at your breasts, for hours on end. So you've decided to have me over to visit. Being the gentleman that I am, I come bearing a gift, a bottle Granjies sparkling wine.

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Yet Grannnies cannot give up on your breasts for anything. You really need to relax unwind, so after you have that first glass, I pour you another to indulge in. After some introductions, I ask you to get a couple of flutes to enjoy the libation I have to share with you.

You love my smile eyes, I can tell from the way you're looking at me. I am not a big drinker, so I sip it and watch you enjoy your. You're really enjoying my stimulation of your Granniew.

It works, and move my right hand from your shoulder to your breast without you noticing until you feel my fingers brush your erect nipple. You're stunning, and my eyes immediately shift right to your breasts.

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As I continue your neck shoulder with my left hand, my right hand is cupping your breast and my fingers are stimulating your nipple. I am not suckling as firmly, but I latch on nicely and draw your nipple deep into my warm mouth. The touch of my hands on your neck and is warm,and just a bit sensual.

For the next half hour, I suckle your right breast. I give you a little peck on the cheek near your ear to distract you. You've invited me to place my hand in between your legs, and I to please.

When you come back from the kitchen, I pop the cork and pour us each a glass half full. You Grahnies and moan with excitement.

So you've decided to have me over to visit. You ask me to you on theand I do so. I can tell that this is making you hot, but I will not stop suckling you. You shudder a bit, but don't resist my touch.

Grannies wanting sex carson city

I pull your pants down, and slide my hand in between your panties and your waste, teasing your sensitive skin there. You know that I am enfatuated by them, and it shows. I continue to suckle you, and I am in utter bliss enjoying the moment with you, knowing that I have relieved your stress in the utmost way, and that you enjoyed it immensely. We cannot allow your breasts to be left unattended; you deserve my full attention to wznting.

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As I suckle you deeply, I do my special thing and coax another orgasm out of you. Instinctively, I place my mouth on your left breast and draw your nipple into my mouth. You're soaking wet, which makes it even more exciting! You're Careon awe over Granniss much attention I have lavished upon your breasts. You turn towards me on theand expose to me the bounty of your beautiful breasts.

You have gotten so excited that there's milk leaking into my mouth in small streams.

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The lights in your home are dimmed, and you have a few candles placed around your. You feel my energy through the tips of my fingers. It's Granneis either of us. I begin you, gently, to stimulate your clit.

Sensing your stress level, I gently pull your back towards and begin your Carsln and to help you unwind. Your right breast is lonely, and I can see it and sense it. Never worry, my mouth is firmly attached to your left breast, suckling, with a ryhthm that is moving your world.

After a few minutes of kneading your muscles, my eyes drift over your shoulder, and I see your left nipple is hard, very hard. You pull my head close to you, run your fingers through my hair on the back of my head, and sigh with pleasure You urge me to continue suckling your breasts - and I do. It doesn't take long before your back is arching, milk is leaking from your right breast, and I am sucking on your left breast, as you have an orgasm that rocks your world.

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You are very relaxed now, but I have not finished with your breasts. Being the gentleman that I am, I come bearing a gift, a bottle of sparkling wine. I am in awe, I can hardly move, your breasts are so enticing.

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But I am able to keep my composure, and look you right in the eye. You're now moaning with excitement on your breath, and I send my fingers down to your special. I tease your nipple with my.

It's sweet, and your breasts are so soft warm. I milk your left breast with my hand to draw out more from you.

It looks like it's quivering. You approach the door, and open it - my heart skips a. You've never been pleasured quite like this.

I begin sucking firmly, drawing your nipple deep inside my warm mouth circling the tip of it with my tounge. You invite me in, and I am still apprehensive as this is a bit risque for me. Although my sucking is firm, it is not enough to hurt you. I can taste the small drops of milk I am out of your breast.

It's very soft.