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Looking to be a girls servant

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Looking to be a girls servant

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Dora B. Source: New Age, p. The Daily News has a paragraph in its issue of Saturday which is excellent in spirit, but, I fear, unpractical in real life. The paragraph describes the efforts of a member of the Daily News staff to fit out with clothes some factory girls who are out of work, so as to enable them to take situations as domestic helps or servants.

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From five to ten persons lie down to sleep in one room; and the children who are still too young for factory bee sell matches and flowers in the street! She and her husband fought all the time, and the cook carried tales to the mistress. Where did you work last? It came in the shape of a red-haired Irish girl. The agent did not leave him long in doubt. The girl buttoned Mrs.

Domestic worker

That was to personate a servant and apply for a situation. There were fifty-two in the room with me, and the two other rooms I could look into were equally crowded, while groups stood on the stairs and in the hallway. Vanderpool, of No. She had a good face and a bright one, and I watched her closely. They urged that it was immaterial to them, only I had a better chance to secure work if I was always there; it was only for my own good they suggested it. They tried to induce me to stop at their house.

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This is too late in the day. Of course you are a good washer and ironer? A man who had apparently been conversing with her came hastily forward to the desk.

I was enjoying my position too much, and I fear I could not restrain my gravity if any one began to question me. A heavy railing and a high desk and counter which divided the room gave it the appearance of a police court. In this connection of more efficient training in domestic work, I welcome the appointment of Miss Lawrence as Chief Woman Inspector under the Board of Education. Dora B.

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I had one glance of the ading bedroom, and that sight made me firm in my determination to sleep elsewhere. The Daily News has a paragraph in its issue of Saturday which is excellent in spirit, but, I fear, unpractical in real life. Many girls must at one time be without references, I thought, and this encouraged me to make the risk. Girl was not he of a receipt. He warmed up at this and told me he should advertise me in the morning.

No one said good-morning, or anything else for that matter, so I quietly slid onto a chair near the door. I have walked all over the city, wearing out my shoes and spending my money in car-fare.

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It was a death warrant to the idea I had of writing my own references if any were demanded. The married daughter has made shift to take her mother and the parish half-crown; but there is neither room nor food for the father, and he must go to N —. Seely was always cross to them, and that I should not mind it. It was a novel insight I got of life.

When do you want a job?

Payment of Women Textile Workers in Germany. After edging my way in I was unable to move, so packed were we. But to place untrained factory girls, many of girrls are unfortunately thrown out of work by the fluctuations of Sugar Conventions, in charge of our kitchens and brushes and brooms, is, I fear, to make confusion worse confounded.

At the top they paused, shook hands, and separated; one went on, the other turned back and, as the old woman limped blindly by, I turned away, for there are sights a man dare not look upon. Some girls laughed, others were sad, some slept, some ate, and others read, Lookking all sat from morning till night waiting a chance to earn seevant living.

Workhouse Administration. After waiting for some time I decided to awake the man to the fact that I wanted work, not a rest.

Servant girl

glrls The lady of the house made me wash every other day; then she wanted me to be dressed like a lady, sure, and wear a cap while I was at work. So far as he knew, I might be a confidence woman, a thief, or everything seravnt, and yet the agent was vowing that he had good personal references. None but the initiated know what a great question the servant question is and how many perplexing sides it has.

This will all tend to raise the standard and position of domestic helps; the next step should be organisation and solidarity. The agency had a place out of town to which they tried to force girls who declared they would not leave the city.

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Now, if it had only been put quietly and mildly, or even with one exclamation point, but two—dreadful. I got no chance the entire day, and I decided that I could not endure a second day in that human pack for two situations, so framing some sort of excuse I left the place, and gave up trying to be a servant. It was good to see the glad look when called out to see a lady, and sad to see them return saying that they did not suit because they wore bangs, or their hair in the wrong style, or that they looked bilious, or that they were too tall, too short, too heavy, or too slender.

They are long waits too. I had heard so many complaints from long-suffering mistresses, worked-out servants, agencies, and lawyers, that I determined to investigate the subject to my own satisfaction. The room on the first floor was filled with a conglomeration of articles which gave it the appearance of a second-hand store. That goes into the bureau.