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It must have been in the Spring ofand quite accidentally I was sitting by a classmate who would graduate with me in June. As I dimly remember, he was a nice-looking young man, almost dapper; well-dressed, charming in manner. Probably he was rich wpmen at least well-to-do, and doubtless belonged to an exclusive fraternity, although that I do not know.

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Then I flamed! A few fine, strong, black men gained the heart of this silent, bitter man in New York and New Haven.

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Keep not Thou silent, O God! But where is the misfortune? The best families had their drunkards and the worst had little else. Hardly, save in the half-Asiatic problems of the Balkans. Our voices sink in silence and in night. It is thinking that as wild and awful as this shameful war was, it is nothing to compare with that fight for freedom which black and brown and yellow men must and will make unless their oppression and humiliation and insult at the hands of the White World cease.

From that day to this I have never knowingly raised my hat to a Southern white woman.

Can planting billions of trees save the planet?

They told him: Work and Rise! Gladly and armed with a scholarship, I set out for Fisk.

Maturs the hatred and despising of human beings from whom Europe wishes to extort her luxuries has led to such jealousy and bickering between European nations that they have fallen afoul of each other and have fought like crazed beasts. Government throughout the former slave states was conducted by fraud and intimidation, with open violation of state and federal law.

To the very limited extent of their shallow capacities lift them to Matuer useful to whites, to raise cotton, gather rubber, fetch ivory, dig diamonds,—and let them be paid what men think they are worth—white men who know them to be well-nigh worthless. My redeeming feature was infinite capacity for work and terrible earnestness, with appalling and tactless frankness.

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This conviction is the meaning of America, and it has had wide and increasing success in incorporating Irish, and German peasants, Slavic laborers and even Negro slaves into a new, virile and progressive American Culture. With me were white folk—students, Mautre, teachers—who viewed the scene with me. The discovery of personal whiteness among the world's peoples is a very modern thing,—a nineteenth and twentieth DuBoid matter, indeed. The manifesto which we sent out fixed my status as a radical, opposed to segregation and caste; and made retention of my position at Atlanta more difficult.

As a father he was, naturally, a failure,—hard, domineering, unyielding.

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womdn These men may be used down to the very bone, and shot and maimed in "punitive" expeditions when they revolt. I am an editor. On the whole, however, modern thought Matude experience have tended to convince mankind that the evils of caste discrimination against the depressed elements of the mass are greater and more dangerous to progress than the affront to natural tastes DuBoiz the recoil from unpleasant contacts involved in the just sharing of public conveniences with all citizens.

Especially in the case of strangers, visitors, newcomers to the town was my presence and friendship a matter of explanation or even embarrassment to my schoolmates. The necessity of earning a living scarcely occurred to me. If the uplift of mankind must be done by men, then the destinies of this world will rest ultimately in the hands of darker nations.

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DBuois we saw the dead dimly through rifts of battlesmoke and heard faintly the cursings and accusations of blood brothers, we darker men said: This is not Europe gone mad; this is not aberration nor insanity; this is Europe; this seeming Terrible is the real soul of white culture—back of all DiBois and visible today. Here are no labor unions or votes or questioning onlookers or inconvenient consciences.

This program came to full fruition inwhen a report of the first conference was published as Atlanta University Publication No. Such testing was indispensable, but it had to be done so often in the midst of building or even after construction, and not in the calm and leisure long before. There was no real discrimination on of color—it was all a matter of ability and hard work. These Mature DuBois women and world-mastering demi-gods listened, however, to no low tongues of ours, even when we pointed silently to their feet of clay.

To me it was all in order and I took it philosophically.

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A thorough study of causes was called for. They had a natural dislike to being studied like a strange species. And all this was to sate the greed of greedy men who hide behind the veil of vengeance!

Are we not coming more and more, day by day, to making the statement "I am white," the one fundamental tenet of our practical morality? I was walking beneath the elms of Harvard,—the name of allurement, the college of my youngest, wildest visions! My relatives grumbled, but after a twinge I felt a strange delight!

I accepted the offer as something normal and right; only after many years did I realize how critical this gift was for my career. This assumption that of all the hues of God whiteness alone is inherently and obviously better than brownness or tan le to curious acts; even the sweeter souls of the dominant world as they discourse with me on weather, weal, and woe are continually Matuee above their actual words an obligato of tune and tone, saying: "My poor, un-white thing!

Say to men, earnestly and repeatedly: "Honesty is best, knowledge is power; do unto others as you would be done by.