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The Puppet Master and Thinker prepare for the carnage they'll unleash during the transport of apprehended Resistance members from a temporary holding facility to a more permanent facility. Cap and his associates prepare to leave their lair to ladjes the convoy. CW 4 cannot have occurred "yesterday.

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Jester and Jack O'Lantern catch up to Spidey in the sewers and attack him.

Before the frightened boy can shake hands to seal the deal, Ghost Rider's chain wraps around the avatar of Lucifer and yanks him away, dragging the supernatural being along via his bike. Sprite takes Mark to the Golden Gate Bridge and explains that the reason he and Sersi were so comfortable with each other is because they were lovers for a couple hundred years.

After the Resistance leaves the scene of the battle, Iron Man and friends find the woman who Ant-man helped. Reed asks her to leave and she does, finalizing their break. Then he yanks off Johnny's left calf and beats Johnny over the head with it.

The two Deviants torture Ike trying to find a way to kill him while they talk on the phone with Sprite. Maria green lights "Contingency Plan 'Icebox. Cho calls Reed a monster, and Reed notes all of the towns destroyed by the Hulk.

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He notices Donnie hit the water and swims over to rescue the boy. There, Stevie reveals himself to be a disguised Captain America. At Stark Tower, Peter comments to Stark that he's "set to make a killing on the stock market. Since it's Halloween, he wants someone to go trick-or-treating with him, asking volunteers to raise their hands.

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It may be less than a "few weeks" before CW:WC 1 This story occurs at least "two years" after ET3 4-FBwhich was the Eternals' last appearance. Rain starts to come in through the hole that Sue punched in the roof. Peter and Iron Man prepare to step through the portal. After fixing his ladifs, he approaches the downed Lucifer, who plays possum until Johnny's within reach.

Mark Curry and Sprite chat. I'm not really remotely close to monsterous. Ladids reports to Eric Brooks about being beaten by a guy he tried to mug, a guy he suspects of being a vampire.

Sheriff Harry O'Connor fires his shotgun right in the avatar of Lucifer's flaming pumpkin head, blowing laries to bits. The head immediately restores itself to normal. Back in the U. May tries to clean Spidey's torn and soiled costume.

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Marvel reports that Atlantis refused to speak to U. She flees in disgust. Sue tells M. When the Puppet Master speaks through Mouse, the Thing recognizes the villain. As the inquisitors press, Osborn notes, "They put something inside me," then the interrogation is interrupted by Matude and federal agents, who take Osborn into their custody as "a matter of national security.

Once the Spirit of Vengeance tells him, he prepares ladiea shoot, only to have the gun melt as Ghost Rider flares his hellfire, frees himself of the car, and wraps the sheriff in his chain. This segment occurs before DD2 FB Since Cap's shield Matuer seen here, this story must occur after ASM This segment must occur before Cap's surrender in CW Mautre.

He finally tells his godson that he was a bad kid and would've killed someone eventually had he not died, as he kicks the zombie into the refrigerator, which then falls down atop him, imprisoning the living dead within it. Peter and Iron Man return to the Baxter Building. Reed prepares to open the portal to the Negative Zone and Peter is shocked that the prison is there.

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Reed tells Stark that Bruce isn't on the intended planet and this greatly concerns them both. Peter asks Reed if he's okay. Iron Man orders the Thing to prevent the prisoners from escaping. Spidey shoots webs at the missiles and slings them away, yelling again"I've got 'em!

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After reverting to Johnny Blaze, he goes to the basement to thank Harry for his help. Speaking through the LMD, the real Fury sends Sharon to rescue Cap from trouble in a raid on an AIM cell, a mission that's "the first time in weeks he's found anything that even might by Skull-related. Fantastic's database. After only knowing lades other for a few minutes, they feel like they've known each other for years.

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Then he prays as he causes Happy's medical machinery to flatline him. In Philadelphia, the U. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Emily awakens, screaming and strapped in her bed, fighting sedation. Yellowjacket and Wasp notice a seismic disturbance in California.

Their left eyes are injected with a serum that gives Michael super vision but causes George to lose his eye. As he prepares to Pepper for an "anniversary" celebration in a "couple hours," he's attacked in the hangar by Spymaster. The avatar of Satan notes two of the special features of his new "costume" are high-impact body armor and wrist-blasters, the latter of which he uses to shoot Ghost Rider in the skull, shattering it. Ben says he'll think about it Matur Johnny leaves him a plane pod.