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Standard In a prison, the chief executive officer is the person usually termed the warden; in a jail, the chief executive officer might be a sheriff, or might have a title such as superintendent, jailer, or commander.

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Physical features that facilitate suicide attempts should be eliminated in all segregation cells. Staff should explain and read the rules and the handbook to any prisoner unable to read them by reason of illiteracy or disability.

A written translation in a language the prisoner understands should be provided within a reasonable period of time to each literate prisoner who does not understand English. A decision to retain a prisoner in segregated housing following consideration by guya classification review committee should be reviewed by a correctional administrator, and approved, rejected, or modified as appropriate.

In the Seeklng situation that a lockdown lasts longer than [30 days], officials should mitigate the risks of mental and physical deterioration by increasing out-of-cell time and in-cell programming opportunities. Single-occupancy cells should be the preferred form of prisoner housing. Except in the event of an emergency lockdown of less than [72 hours] in which security necessitates denial of such access, prisoners should be afforded access to showers, correspondence, delivery of legal materials, and grievance procedures.

During the search for a suspect, Governor John Bel Edwards said the attacks in the southern state were a reminder "of a very dark past of intimidation and fear". Except in compelling circumstances, a prisoner serving a sentence who would otherwise be released directly to the community from long-term segregated housing should be placed in a less restrictive setting for the final months of confinement. In a prison, the chief executive officer is the person usually termed the warden; in a jail, the chief executive officer might be a sheriff, or might have a title such as superintendent, jailer, or commander.

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If convicted capital offenders are separately housed based solely on their sentence, conditions should be comparable to those provided to the general population. Black metal music often contains references to Satanism and pagan beliefs.

Standard On Monday, Matthews pleaded guilty to four federal criminal charges, including three of intentional damage to religious property. Absent an individualized finding that security would be compromised, such treatment should take place out of cell, in a setting in which security staff cannot overhear the conversation. He has also pleaded guilty to six ingo at state level. The three churches Matthews admitted to torching had predominantly African-American congregations.

He admitted to posting pictures and videos of the church burnings to Facebook "in an effort to promote himself in the black metal community". Policies relating to segregation for whatever reason should take of the special developmental needs of prisoners under the age of eighteen. Conditions of extreme isolation generally include a combination of sensory deprivation, lack of contact with other persons, enforced idleness, minimal out-of-cell time, and lack of outdoor recreation.

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He did so because he sought to emulate church burnings carried out by black metal music fans in Norway in the s. Medical and mental health screening should: i use a properly validated screening protocol, including, if appropriate, special protocols for female prisoners, prisoners who have mental disabilities, and prisoners who are under the age of eighteen or geriatric; ii be performed either by a qualified health care professional or by specially trained correctional staff; and iii include an initial assessment whether the prisoner has any condition that makes the use of chemical agents or electronic weaponry against that prisoner particularly risky, in order to facilitate compliance with Standard Segregation for health care needs should be in a location separate from disciplinary and long-term segregated housing.

If necessary, housing should be deed for use by prisoners with disabilities; such housing should be in the most integrated setting appropriate for such prisoners.

As the situation improves, privileges and activities for the affected area should be progressively increased. Correctional authorities should safely accommodate prisoners who are particularly vulnerable to heat-related illness or infectious disease, or are otherwise medically vulnerable.

Varg Vikernes was among the most infamous black metal musicians to be convicted of church arson in this period. Except if required for security or safety reasons for a particular prisoner, segregation cells should be equipped in compliance with Standard Part I: General Principles Standard Restrictions placed on prisoners should be necessary and proportionate to the legitimate objectives blacck which those restrictions are imposed.

Correctional authorities should be permitted to require prisoners able to perform cleaning tasks to do so, with necessary materials and equipment provided to them regularly and without charge. A facility that confines female prisoners should have on duty at all times adequate s of female staff to comply with Standard All ino living quarters and personal hygiene areas should be deed to facilitate adequate and appropriate supervision of prisoners and to allow prisoners privacy consistent inot their security classification.

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In the s, at least 50 Christian churches in Norway were attacked by arsonists in the name of black metal, a subgenre of heavy metal music. Part V: Personal Security Standard On Monday, Matthews entered several guilty pleas for federal and state charges. Facilities that must use dormitories or other multiple-prisoner living quarters should provide sufficient staffing, supervision, and personal space to ensure safety Seekingg prisoners and security for their belongings.

Correctional officials should annually review Seekig update the handbooks provided to prisoners to ensure that they comport with current legal standards, facility and agency rules, and practice.

Giys includes the status of being actively suicidal; severe cognitive disorders that result in ificant functional impairment; and severe personality disorders that result in ificant functional impairment and are marked by frequent episodes of psychosis, depression, or self-injurious behavior. Some extremists within the genre, like Vikernes, are also proponents of white nationalism.

Any prisoner in segregated housing who develops serious mental illness should be placed in an environment where appropriate treatment can occur.