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Single looking for a good friend

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By Annie Foskett May 24, I would argue that Newton's law of universal gravitation applies to friend groups. Remember that cartoon drawing of Newton sitting under an apple tree from middle school science?

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You might enter a whole new phase of going Siingle a date a week, or you might even call up an ex. Being too direct can come off as judgmental. When your friend is the one to identify their problem areas, they'll be much more likely to make changes for themselves.


Because solidarity is the antidote to suck, here are all of the phases of being the only single friend, from its onset to its eventual reversal. However, just because they're coming to you to vent, it doesn't mean they need you to offer up advice. I hope relating to these phases makes you feel a tiny bit better. Huge bummer.

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It's usually just a coincidence that two friends happen to be out of town with their partners while the other three have the one date night they go on with their partner a month, but sitting at home alone watching Netflix can throw you for a loop. Giphy In an effort to "catch up" to your coupled up friends, you might go on start furiously swiping through every dating app in existence.

You're empathizing with them by recognizing how tough dating Singlw be, while helping them remember their goof. Once you have that information, you can talk about a plan for moving forward.

We've all been the single one once, and if you have good friends, they'll make sure you don't feel less than. You even like hanging out with your friend's boyfriend! Chances are, they've vented to you more than a few times.

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He makes you feel included! You watch a friend fight or breakup with their partner, and you're present for them in their sadness, but secretly happy to not have to deal with relationship drama yourself. Someone great will happen right into your life, and then you get to decide if you want a relationship. Instead, you should start by suggesting an action.

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Now that I've butchered the rules governing our planet, let me get personal: "Only single friend" has been on brand for me for most of my life. Giphy When you finally realize that first weekend when you had no one to hang out with was a fluke, and that yes, your friends are still going to invite you to things, you'll agree to be a third wheel. You start feeling empowered by q independence. Being single is equal to being in a relationship, no better or worse.

They may just need to hear something like, "Dating is really hard and you're doing the best you can. In fact, there are a few common things people in relationships do wrong when they try giving their single friends love advice.

Great, and congratulations! What do they value in a partner? You definitely deserve someone who's just as great as you are. As you should!

How to encourage your single friends

Giphy All of this "I love being single" energy and newfound confidence is bound to attract equally confident and secure people. For instance, saying, "I was really lonely too until I found my boyfriend in a bar! Listening to someone's problems and helping them solve it can take a lot out of you. Giphy Now you're in the phase of loving that independence — you can move to a new city, go to a random concert, goor hook up with ffriend you want without consulting your other half!

10 rules you must follow for setting up single friends

Giphy You were riding your high and getting to love your situation as the resident single girl of the group, until a very date-requisite event comes up. And then, suddenly, you're suddenly the only single person in your friend group. It feels weird to say that a staple human activity as timeless as dating can change, but it really can.

Whether it's a wedding or a weekend trip, if you're the only one who has no one to share a hotel room with, things can feel lonely again. Also, let them know when they're asking too much from you. The worst thing to do is to tell your friend that the issue is they're "too picky" or they probably come off as too intimidating.

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More like this. This could be a real pattern, or it could be a product of my "woe is me" way of thinking. By Annie Foskett May 24, I would argue that Newton's law of universal gravitation applies to friend groups.