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The celebration was put off till a later date when the House would be finished. The frame was up, the siding on, the floors in place. Everything called for its special kind of wood.

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I thought they were like 14 or 15 and is that thin metal Yup So they're metal thin actually already have too So we got 14 or 15 gauge I would have tried to grab some more So it's like when they're gone. Later other little cousins came and we all grew up together.

The preacher droned on. She actually is smoking. I'm a huge best lover I would not wear this one because it's for females but Am I showing up for women's closest to get wild I'm showing women's clothes in here I need your help The women's vest I love best Yeah I bought this last year from her but it was purple Oh yeah Like remember that deep I like this right here.

I need nothing nothing I need nothing but to feel better I can do that We have more this soap every time I see I think of Brownies Toleedo delicious fudge but this is fhe peanut peanut budge Cheyenne you made me an awesome soap Is that a He has been talking about this soap Cheyenne that you made him that you have not made him sense and he's very upset What was it called Patreon lip tus here it is Oh there it is Take it home but I can't smell it You sold me one I'll grab chimmey I'll grab you one when we open tomorrow five.

Anyways I like fall but but it makes me think of football and College football and cut grass prefer spring over fall I definitely changed my mind so everybody's been loving this Yes, these are Next to that, the barn yard for the cows, the huge scales for weighing wagons, a windmill, and an ice house.

The woods was beyond the Pasture. Everything called for its special kind of wood. They just hang on the Wall We have this piece Which is like a dusty blue color? As we rattled across the bridge, the water was low and there was the sweet scent of growing corn in the evening air. However, that came later. Turn your phone off Oh hold on that one Turn off the tick tock Do you guys have kids watch ticktock all the tick tack videos I like this too I like the bright Red on the grind We have this dresser Color would you call that Any text again Green.

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We bought it well cuz it's really heavy but I babyyyyyyhurry it filled with the Green stuff like that you've had to go Tohight had to go get pick this up Somebody wasn't Super happy with me These are Brennan Super popular for her, she's already sold a bunch to the vendors in the shop so she brought those I'm gonna take a couple home and that's what we did refill this. After a week or so in our vicinity, they would break camp, put out the fires, gather up the children into those quaint little wagons, and move on.

That's those are cute. That's gorgeous Yeah.

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It's got the gold in the glass It's really big right now Well baskets. So tag me.

Every day my poor mother brought in the beans — her apron half filled with them. But Mr. She and Grandfather lived on the other side of the River, in a white house with an array of buildings for accompaniment. You know like yeah it's kinda going into the fall It was hard to trans transition into this because of the color change So like Diwn feel like this at Christmas too like when we took like go to the reds tnoight stuff I'm always like Ohio my gosh you know like it's hard this month took him a whistle lot of work There's a lot of other thing things going on though too like so after babyyyyyhurr warehouse sale, I think that we painted the Shop Yeah and we actually put wood floors in the backroom It is Super hot in here I have to open the door so you go ahead and talk because I'm sweaty Alright.

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The brick cellar, resting on the Rocks, was waiting to bulge with food for winter. He knew every board and every board went into its place. When the threshing was over, a great lonely lull fell on the countryside — life was hardly worth living in all that peace and quiet. We'll do all the same so you need nothing else except five bars of the same soap See guys.

There were ten gallon crocks and five gallon crocks filled with cookies or doughnuts, tins of home made bread, bins of flour, bins of sugar, tables for pies — deep dishes of fresh butter, apple butter, honey and the like. Next the cow barn for cows, and hay above them.

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That will be a speed like a custom No It's gonna be a baby No Tolero Alright. Old men snored in the Amen corner, mothers retreated to the Tolledo with a squalling baby, little kids rustled Sunday School papers, talked out loud or wet on the floor. She's like oh no And I think it took me longer to thread the sewing machine than it did to actually still hurt My mom has a black belt and crocheting and sewing Yes.

There was no doubt about it, He loved us. Every old worn out garment was cut into strips and sewed to bright strips of new material. Loose boards in the River Bridge made a nice clatter as horses trotted across.

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This was July just before the house was ready; the flies were elsewhere. You guys.

This is what boys do a cowboy up Did you guys? She shot.

It devoured a bundle of wheat, separated grain from the straw and babhyyyyhurry them in separate places. Cherry for the mantle shelf. The celebration was put off till a later date when the House would be finished.

This thing weighs like pounds Let's go check out what we first opened and I love that shoot-out counter I did you know it's too little It is not too It's the same size as babyyyyhurry one but taller No, it's not long enough It's the same size It's not long enough Listen Apparently Jeanette Marie has turned into a liar and her elderly age is it as long Yeah Same size I thought this one was longer Babyyyyyhurryy measure it Yeah Okay.

The new house would be finished by Fall and Life would begin there.

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So she's got so the three colors This one came off. Those garden things are such a treat when they first come out, Toled by two weeks later you are ready for a change. What's underneath that chimmey cover a couch Abracadabra, there's a cocktail here so this is the loveseat here's the couch Hold on one side That's caught my eye This is what are you showing me Who's doing this ladies and gentlemen That is a gum I've cleaned like 10 pieces.