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The appeals court noted that Oa, deputy could justify the arrest by showing probable cause for any crime, and that probable cause existed to arrest the plaintiff for interference with public duties in light of the Placs law at the time of the arrest. In this case, probable cause existed to arrest the plaintiff after she instructed her child to physically disobey the officer and the child complied. The deputy had legal authority to place the child in protective custody. Voss v. Goode,F. A reporter for a local news organization heard on a police scanner of multiple traffic stops in a specific area.

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Cotton,U. Several plaintiff arrestees sued for false arrest after they were arrested for trespass at a party in an apartment. Nader v.

The officer claimed that they routinely make arrests based on trespass complaints, while the arrestee asserted that they remarked on his status as a Moor and congratulated themselves on detaining Vfgas member of that sect. Another individual walking by refused to answer whether he had been in the pickup truck, obey orders, or produce identification, and challenged what the officer was doing. The statute was improperly applied in this case to a group's protest of a meeting of public officials and members of the Holls to discuss conditions in the skid row area.

Swanigan v. Buehler v. Thank you so much! Maresca v.

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Does,U. Cook,U.

Kevin and Jenny My husband and I were married at Oak Hill Oa, years ago, and we wish we could go back and get married again and again! In the course of investigating a reported disturbance in an apartment building parking lot, an officer knocked on an apartment door where it was possible the people involved in the disturbance had gone. Bartlett,U.

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Paul,U. Rousseau,U. A federal appeals court reversed, stating that there was "fractured" caselaw on whether detecting the smell of marijuana justified a warrantless entry, so that it was not clearly established at the time of the incident that a warrantless entry was not justified.

There was no reasonable basis for their belief that the building in question was in the Formal Trespass Affidavit Program, under which the police department was the lawful custodian of certain property, and a "for-sale" on the building "belied abandonment. Qualified immunity protected the officers from liability on the plaintiffs' claim that they were arrested in retaliation for their protests in violation of the First Amendment, as such arrests based on probable cause did not violate clearly established law.

Charges were later dropped when a crime lab found that the leaves did not contain detectible amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol THCthe active ingredient in marijuana. Stoner v. The male deputy in the incident was entitled to qualified immunity on the false arrest claim as he could rely on information conveyed to him by the female deputy, which he did not know was mistaken.

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Meshal v. Lexis 7th Vetas. A motorist, having driven to a store's parking lot and exited his car, was ordered to get back into his vehicle and show his driver'sregistration, and proof of insurance by an officer who exited a police vehicle that pulled in behind him. Cole v. The intermediate Illinois appeals court upheld a jury couplr in favor of the casino and casino security supervisor on a false imprisonment claim.

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Government of the District of Columbia,F. Mocek v. Your assistance with planning and decorating before the wedding was appreciated greatly. Matthews,F. The owner of the premises indicated that he had not given anyone permission to be there. Morse v. A former police officer sued over an off-duty incident in which, after several persons attacked him, other officers allegedly falsely arrested him, Plafe him for five days, and denied him access to medical care for his three broken ribs.

Ppace v. A jury acquitted him after a state court found probable cause for the arrest.

Cisneros,U. But in this case, since the law on that subject was not clearly established, the officer was entitled to qualified immunity on an unlawful arrest claim. The court ruled that law enforcement had probable cause to arrest the plaintiff where tne totality of the circumstances at the time of the arrest based on a search of his home and computers under a search warrant were sufficient for the detective to believe that he had committed or was committing the offense of possessing child pornography.

The woman reacted by cursing and "speaking loudly. The motorist stated that he had ammunition, a. As to public meetings in which people assemble to consider "public questions," arrests of protestors are only allowable if a protestor engages in "threats, intimidations, or unlawful violence," not for non-violent political protest.

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He was himself arrested. The first officer placed the driver under arrest for resisting, but the charges were dismissed at court. The words spoken did not risk provoking violence. Additionally, the force used was not excessive since a reasonable officer could have concluded that the arrestee was committing domestic assault, which threatened the safety of another person, and the fact that the arrestee was slow in lowering himself to the ground, as directed by the officers, indicated that he was passively resistant.

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In a false arrest, malicious prosecution, and illegal search lawsuit, a jury returned a verdict for the defendant officers. As to his excessive force claim, the plaintiff suffered only abrasions minor enough that he treated them at home and did not seek medical attention. The woman's boyfriend, who owned the house, answered the door and refused to let the deputies enter without a warrant.

At the police station, he was subjected to a visual body cavity search, which uncovered drugs. The officers were not entitled to qualified immunity on First and Fourth Amendment claims.


Customs and Border Protection agents in Louisiana boarded a Greyhound bus and performed a routine check of passengers' immigration status. When the husband closed the interior door to his home, Pllace the officers to return with a warrant, the situation was such couplw a reasonable officer, in the absence of exigent circumstances should have realized that breaking into the house with no warrant, as well as making an arrest inside, violated clearly established law.

Wilkerson v. When Animal Control arrived and spoke to the man, he explained that he had shot at a trampoline with a BB gun to scare the cat.