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Details of the last transect walk of the season at Bedelands Farm, Burgess Hill.

This latter influenced me purchasing a Rolls Silver Shadow when about 40 which had bdudy been in one would almost certainly survived along with his children. Common species in traps include Lunar Underwing and Beaded Chestnut, and there are several other moths in the chestnut and sallow families whose flight season starts now, as well as many late migrants still to be found. I also learned to dive but hurt my back off wmoen middle board so could only manage from the side, the spring board or the first of the three higher boards.

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Jimmy older than me, Evelyn same age as me. The headmistress was Miss Lewis who had a severe look but may have been OK. The grand finale was a giant Catharine wheel whizzing around horizontally having fallen into a wheelbarrow containing rainwater which surprisingly had no dampening effect on the firework. Mr Dowdle had white hair and came from the North East.

I remember my close friend was Leon Abbot who lived opposite the park. Hatchings are still taking place, with 4 individuals found in the grass drying their wings. Not only were they easy to find on Thistles but they were pretty much everywhere I went.

Came upon two utterly massive swallowtails which I chased around "Animal Kingdom" A Disney theme park. As I packed up my traps this morning thousands of House Martins passed overhead heading for Africa - no doubt helped by the brisk Northerly breeze Michael Blencowe Saturday 19 September In my tiny Peacehaven garden, my rotting fruit wantev pears and mushed bananasstuffed tastefully into flowering icy, is working a treat, with today 9 Red Admirals and 7 Commas getting merry.

However it was actually on an old piece of Rosebay Willowherb. Diane was the same age as me; there was a younger daughter whose name I cannot remember.

Also there was a very impressive Painted Lady. Whilst I couldn't know what they were I dived to the hotel computer and attempted to ID what I'd seen after the long tiring days at each theme park.

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Three traps were set-up around the Reserve the two at Church Norton run as an event and were turned off at midnight. Over the next year or so there came some big changes to all our lives and mine in particular. Unusual sighting of two mature Large White caterpillars eating a freshly pupated Small White chrysalis. Saw minimum 70 Clouded Yellows included 3 mating pairs and a perfect Helice.

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It was all new to her, being an Eastender and was probably wonderful therapy for her. There was of course Terry from next door, at that stage small for his age with bright blonde hair.

Emmigrated to Australianow retired in Queensland. Small Heath are very numerous as are Meadow Browns still.

Committee /19

On the bus to Kennedy Space Centre a Monarch flew past the bus which of course I asult and another bright orange creature turned out to be a "Gulf Fritillary". I believe he was in the first Bond film as a bad guy. Everybody was ducking down or running all over the place to escape. I have many fillings to prove that.

They used up an enormous amount of energy in these disputes. Both migrants. The same true life characters as the Liza Minnelli Cabaret film.

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We all thought she looked and sounded like Old Mother Riley, a wartime radio comic. I took violin lessons from a visiting teacher called Mr Croft. These appeared towards the end of August and at a time when I was accidentally uncovering hibernating 1st brood butterflies inside the barn my plant-growing area. After lunch I revisited the same locations and found the s to have reduced dramatically to only around Mr Kingsbury.

Nick Linazasoro Wall Brown below right s are increasing well at High and Over with at least 10 seen this morning in the area.

My earliest memories are at age 3 when my father was on leave in uniform with his metal army helmet on his shoulder. The Hairstreak was giving great views. My Mother said that my Dad bought home womeen shillings a week and ten of those went on Doctors bills and medicines for me. Malcolm Pascoe.

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I could jump off all of them including the high board with complete confidence. So plenty still to look for! I've no idea what it means either - but I do know that if you go Walkng www. The western field is centred on TV, while the eastern one is at TV After the Tanners were an Irish family the Grelishes with I think 4 children.

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I was in a play run by Miss Butt but I cannot remember for the life of me what it was called or what the story line was. Then he said it's the top of the hill Puff-Puff. It soon blew over and Walkjng heard no more about it. I had heard of them in films etc but never seen one or heard of any English person owning one.

I found another small batch of final instar Peacock larvae on a clump of nettles on my own plot near Herstmonceux Castle Church Road. Although not a butterfly I wonder how many butterflies this big brute would eat. Also today 1 Hummingbird Hawkmoth briefly in the garden in North Seaford. Vince Massimo What a difference a day makes!! The truck had a horizontal bar across the radiator for pulling out other vehicles etc.