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Chris Arnot searches for the holiest of motoring grails Men may be from Mars and women from Venus but, when it comes to driving in that bit of planet Earth known as Britain, men are from Mondeo and women from Ka. Like many a stereotype, Mondeo man is based on statistical evidence. Only 14 per cent of the model's buyers are women, compared with 69 per cent for the Ka and nearer 80 per cent for its convertible cousin.

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During ovulation, a woman is more susceptible to disease because the immune system is impaired, Arnot said. One U. Only 14 per cent of the model's buyers are women, compared with 69 per cent for the Ka and nearer 80 per cent for its convertible cousin.

They used the information to calculate: whether living with men was linked to the chances of having gone through menopause at any given time whether having sex weekly, monthly or less often was linked to the chances of having gone through menopause at any given time The first question was to investigate whether menopause might be delayed by the presence of male pheromones in a woman's living space, while the second looked more directly at whether sexual activity was linked to menopause.

Wouldn't that count as driver distraction?

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Where did the story come from? Researchers also checked whether the women had been through the menopause at any point during the study.

One theory to explain that trend is that married women might have more frequent sex. They were aged from their late teens to their early 50s, and it was the younger women who had the most specific demands - adjustable floor pedals, fold-flat seats to accommodate extra storage, safety headlamps that come on when the car is approached, thicker seat belts that don't rub the neck or damage clothes, even magnified make-up mirrors in the sun visor.

Having more sex delays menopause, researchers find

The Streetka is the named desire for many female motorists, which is all too evidently what Ford intended. But now there are far more women in business cars and some of them feel safer anyway in bigger cars.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Royal Society Open Medicine on an open access basis, meaning it is free to read online. Questions WWomen Were they in a romantic relationship?

Having more sex makes early menopause less likely, research finds

Womne recruited women aged 42 to 52 in to The next step is to try to replicate the findings in other population groups, although she said there was little available data on sex and menopause. It's very hard to pigeonhole people on gender lines. First, he has a built-in projector that can be fed with CD images that materialise on the dashboard.

But the study only shows a link between sexual activity and timing of menopause, not that sexual activity can actually delay menopause. Most of the media headlines suggested that regular sex could delay the menopause, or reduce risk of an early menopause. But for women who aren't having sex frequently in midlife, an earlier menopause may make more biological sense.

More sex reduces risk of early menopause

Watkin, 22, from Bloxham, Oxfordshire, recently completed the Transport De course and this is his final-year project. What did the research involve? More information The U. British researchers who tracked the sex lives and menopausal status of nearly 3, American women for a decade found that those who had less sex were more likely to begin menopause at an earlier age. The YCC was duly launched with electronic parking aids and eight interchangeable and washable seat p. Weekly Arnoot activity linked to later menopause Thursday 16 January "Having sex weekly may delay your menopause: Scientists say not getting enough action 'makes the body choose to stop ovulating'," reports the Mail Online.

Did they live in a household which included men or boys? She's a Ph.

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At the same time, some men are environmentally aware and want something smaller and more economical. We thought it might be seen as a woman's car, but initial research suggests that it's not going to be. For women looking to delay the onset of symptoms like hot flashes that can cause discomfort sx the years around the menopause, Arnot said more sex probably lookig hurt -- but that the study didn't examine this issue. They were followed up for 10 years.

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She pointed out that a later menopause can mean stronger bones and better cholesterol levels. The researchers found that women were less likely to have gone through the menopause if they had weekly sex. For "ease of cleaning", he has come up with four retractable vacuum cleaner nozzles that can be pulled out of a central panel running along the floor of the car. We're not going to fall into the trap of alienating half our potential buyers.

Find out more about the menopause.

Before Volvo's all-women de team set to work on the YCC concept carthey were addressed by Marti Barletta, lookinh American marketing expert. The relationship may be more complex. All Rights Reserved.

Some women with weekly sexual activity were 28% less likely to begin menopause.

The news stories themselves gave a more accurate picture of the research, although none pointed out that early menopausal symptoms can affect how likely a woman is to want to have sex. What kind of research was this? Did they live with their partner? His answer to some women's wishes to personalise the interior of their cars is two-fold.