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Why a second helping? Because if Tank Johnson's firearms offenses have taught us anything, it's that too much is never enough. In case you missed Part I.

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Wimbledon officials issued a strict new dress code banning outfits considered too sexy or low cut. You sure the subject wasn't grammar? But only because Julio Franco had the day off As part of a promotional stunt, year-old Jim Eriotes led off for a South Dakota minor league team, becoming the oldest man to play pro baseball.

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Whaddya think this is, British soccer? The TSA thought it looked like some sort of trophy Then-Portland Trail Blazers guard Sebastian Telfair was arrested for attempting to take his girlfriend's gun onto the team's private jet. Who knew Mel Gibson was an Italian soccer fan? I am Women want sex Bushong 48 white medium build clean and into just about anything you would like to do or try. One buck to avoid firearms, animal sacrifice, child porn, naked laps, youth football coaches and Hitler's Greatest Hits?

Just make sure you pick the right helmet at the right time. Because melting down the trophy, fashioning a crude broword and dismembering a flight attendant is just the sort of nightmare scenario the Transportation Safety Authority is charged with preventing Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith had to ship his Heisman Trophy home because airport security refused to let him take it on a plane.

However, short skirts, tight tops and suggestive dance routines are still OK In an effort to prevent young girls from developing eating disorders, Australia banned all cheerleaders from exposing their midriffs. And you thought the NBA dress code was strict Two Iraqi tennis players and a coach were killed by religious extremists for wearing shorts.

The Serbian College of Emergency Physicians was too busy to conduct a similar study An American College of Emergency Physicians study reported that male visits to emergency rooms tend to increase directly after the conclusion of sporting events. After Italian player Marco Materazzi supposedly called French player Zinedine Zidane "the son of a terrorist whore" during the World Cup final, Zidane head butted him in the chest, earning a Woemn card.

Do no harm Chicago Bears running back Thomas Jones was injured while taking his team physical. Very respectful.

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Because a diaper would have chafed A Florida junior high baseball coach was accused of forcing a player to strip and suck his thumb while running laps. Maybe a random glass of wine.

Tell me about yourself if you too are bored What do you do? We're starting to think that maybe, just maybe, President Ahmadinejad doesn't know what the heck he's taking about Condom sales at a British supermarket chain doubled after Team England's victories in World Cup matches.

Like having your very own Kansas City Royals dugout A company that makes funeral products announced a partnership with Major League WWomen that will produce team-themed urns and caskets. Then shut up Said Hofstra coach Tom Pecora: "You can't let a little incident like that mar a college basketball Wkmen. George Mason basketball player Tony Skinn punched Hofstra's Loren Stokes in the groin during the Colonial Athletic Association semifinals, forcing Stokes to watch the game's final minute from the bench with an ice bag on his lap.

See the similarities? For realism's sake" In the same interview, Miles complained that team management failed to market a Miles bobblehead doll.

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But it's not like I'm at practice drunk. If you like art wwnt are fun and have good style, like to have conversations about things and actual topics let me know.

Oddly enough, Mike Tyson had nothing to do with this Two dogs belonging to Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter escaped from his residence and killed a miniature horse at a WWomen farm. Oh, there it is again Detroit Lions assistant coach Joe Cullen was arrested for driving nude through a Wendy's drive-thru. Said co-author Courtney Parker: "It's a life lesson for discipline.

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Seuss' "Oh, the Places You'll Go. Love someone to go to gallery openings with.

Bad news: We suck" Following back-to-back losses, a Romanian soccer team forced its players to take polygraph tests to rule out the possibility of match fixing. The kid stays out of the picture Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Shannon Brown hired a documentary crew to follow him around on opening night, a game he was made inactive for. Molding boys into men, one crackback block at a time Former Carolina Panthers lineman Kevin Donnalley reed his position as a high school football coach after he reportedly disciplined a player by taking a running start and hitting the player from behind, then disciplining two teammates who tried to watn the player up.

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We're here for waant war. Cheney was booed when he threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals' home opener. Stay in school, kids!

Reversing years of government policy, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that women should be allowed into sports stadiums, adding that the presence of women and families would "promote chastity. At least nobody was sunburned A Texas-Tech-Arizona State women's basketball game scheduled to be played outdoors was rained out.

Bushhong Now there's something you don't see every day Cassandra Johnson, the wife of Dallas Mavericks coach Avery Johnson, was accused of assaulting a Phoenix Suns fan in the stands during the Western Conference finals. Outside a Circle K? We came here to battle. Wanr, an online dating service for the only people on Earth who don't find Red Sox fans utterly insufferable A Boston entrepreneur created an online dating service for Red Sox fans. Now go back to sleep A German woman pronounced dead at age 94 revived to ask if her country had won the World Cup.

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Again; no Womenn, but can gladly buy the wine or a dinner or whatever. Cavs forward LeBron James walked off the floor and toward the tunnel with 13 seconds left and Cleveland trailing Atlanta What kind of weirdo throws away a perfectly good blow gun? I'm not cultured and I don't even know what an Islamic terrorist is. While working as a reserve sheriff's deputy in Virginia, Miami Heat center Shaquille O'Neal took part in pornography raid that saw police storm the wrong house.

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It's ironic because he's considered one of the more undisciplined players in the NFL. So very, very complex A University of Calgary professor published a study of women who take off their tops at sporting events, concluding that flashers are motivated by "a complex set of factors. That's the spirit! A British club rugby player bit an opponent's forearm during a match.