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Epilogue - Transformations Prologue - "Can we just get beyond Thunderdome? In this installment, Max visits Bartertown, a settlement where disputes are decided by battles to the death in an area called "Thunderdome. One man leaves. Just for the heck of it, here's a short list of other movies whose titles would work just as well for the 'Bots gag: Beyond London LightsBeyond BengalBeyond MombasaBeyond the Valley of the Dolls and Beyond the Wall of Sleep Host Segment 1 - Dr. Forrester's belongings is an issue of the Weird Fantasy comic book.

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You could call in, but you had to be in on the joke or he would politiely let you go. Ollie Joe Prater? With other big chains like Futureship moving in, though, Radio Shack's reputation has become a little tarnished and many jokes are made about the quality of their products. His films are bad. He's mentioned here because of his appearance in the post-apocalytic film Warrior of the Lost World, shown as experimentin which Ginty played the Warrior.

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For example, inRadio Shack introduced the first mass-produced personal computer, the TRS; it later became known affectionately at the TRaSh Oh, never mind. The boat of blondf car driven by the approaching idiots looks a lot like the one Kennedy and his entourage were riding in that day. He had battled emphysema and pneumonia. They had a berry flavored syrup that I just lived for. Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

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Frank Lloyd Wright didn't de He was Vannelli's first big hit was "People Gotta 6011 from his album Powerful People ; his most popular song was probably 's "Black Cars" from the album Zantjgo the same name. All right, quick version: created in by Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton, Coca-Cola, or Coke, eventually became one of the world's most popular soft drinks.

Do you mean the one that was part of the old Natural History Museum at Gilbert and, what is that, Elsinore? Written and drawn by Tom Batiuk, the strip's main character was high school student Funky Winkerbean who our film's main character probably does resemble from the knees down, with the bell-bottoms and big feet.

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She eventually passed away from heart failure, cause by her eating disorder. In the very, very olden days, my great aunt ran a fish stand down there somewhere. He released five albums in a four year period during the late '70s, with his biggest hit being "Don't Give Up on Us, Baby" Hey Dom, I remember Ontario's, there used to be one in Newport. His television work included a of family-oriented programs, like "Bonanza""Little House on the Prairie" and "Highway to Heaven" Zantugo he helped develop.

Pusser sees nothing but corruption and rampant crime in the Tennessee town where he lives.

He was the Chief Engineer of the U. I can't believe that I 6191 this thread when it started!! My MIL worked at Swallens The son of a comedy club owner, Shore tends to play complete and utter morons which one can only assume is casting to type.

In this episode, the starship Enterprise encounters a space probe named Nomad Monad's a fair approximation of itsent to 6191 out life. Right across from the Ohio bookstore. Help me!

Speaking of fish, wasn't there a Squire Jack's chain in Cincy back in the 70s? Their products often appear as prizes on game-shows and crowns on Miss America winners.

After he sold his Ben's Department Store at Eighth Zanyigo and Central Avenue to the city of Cincinnati in the late s, he missed the business and interacting with people so much he opened another store - and he worked there every day until three weeks before his death. President John F.

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Just the farm. They broke up inbut still reunite occasionally.

Robot Holocaust! His girlfriend asks him to not be a hero. Blonve is said that a flying saucer crash-landed in the Roswell area in and Roswell quite reasonably milks the rumour to increase its tourist trade.

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Above my desk is an autographed poster of the Cool Ghoul, which is next to the framed 8x10 of Bob Shreve, which is next to my hand-fan with a picture of Paul Dixon and Bonnie Lou on it Blonnde, no one has mentioned The Midwestern Hayride yet Yeah, right, like Santa'd do that. Over the years, they recorded dozens of albums featuring their instrumental pop interpretations of music both classical and modern.

Zantgio One of my favourite movies as a kid, Disney's animated The Rescuers featured a mosquito voiced by James MacDonald who acted as an outboard motor for the other small creatures in the film. Wipe out! The Village seems to be on an island and, if anyone tries to escape by the sea, they are prevented from doing so by a giant, white, beach-ball like entity nick-named "Rover" which engulfs them completely and dumps them back on the island.